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Our story

We believe in the basic principles of good design.

Marks & Frantz is a boutique interior design firm started by Lydia Marks and Lisa Frantz. Best known for our trend-setting and iconic set decoration for Sex and the City and The Devil Wears Prada, the pair is also known for superb residential and hospitality interiors.

Built on a traditional aesthetic with a modern perspective, Marks & Frantz’s award-winning interior design has been featured in publications such as Elle Décor, Traditional Home and Architectural Digest. Marks & Frantz was also the 2015 recipient of the Rising Star of Interior Design award given by the IFDA. They were selected to design a room in the 2015 Holiday House Showhouse to benefit breast cancer research.

In addition to their work in New York City, Marks & Frantz designs can be seen in the Hamptons, Greenwich, Connecticut; Aspen, Colorado; Florida, California and Nantucket, among others.

Their furniture line is offered nationwide through Edward Ferrell + Lewis Mittman.

Every design is infused with this core philosophy:

  • Everyone wants to live with happiness, beauty and a touch of whimsy.
  • Glamour and elegance can co-exist comfortably with functionality and be part of everyday life.
  • Choosing and living with things you love is the best foundation for a design.

Because of their unique philosophy and creative approach to design, Marks & Frantz create timeless and original interiors. As a result, Marks and Frantz create comfortable spaces that reflect a client’s personality and lifestyle.

Lisa Frantz

Originally from Houston, I arrived in New York City. post-college and dying to work in magazines. After 4 years as a beauty editor for various women’s magazine, I learned that print journalism was not my passion! However, I did love telling the visual stories on the photo shoots that I produced for the the beauty pages and that led to a career in set design for television commercials and photo shoots. I met Lydia very early on as we collaborated on a commercial and the rest is history!

Once a few directors, producers and actors started hiring us to do their homes, we launched Marks & Frantz Interior Design in 2009 and never looked back! When I am not designing beautiful homes and working my always inspiring clients, I am playing tennis and working on my own never ending project – a Brooklyn brownstone that I share with Georges, Loulou, Beatrice and Oscar.

Lydia Marks

Remember the first time you got a glance into Carrie Bradshaw’s closet on Sex & The City? What you didn’t know is I’m the woman who created that closet. Miranda’s office in Devil Wear’s Prada?  That’s my work too! Interior Design and Set Decoration are my passions.  I love to design chic and memorable interiors, both for films and for private clients.

I am from New York City originally, studied fine art and photography in Boston, and began my career working in museums, including the Museum of Modern Art, New York.  My 20 years of experience with decoration and design began with this passion for documentary photography and the power of interiors to tell a story.  I wanted to make my own stories, my own interiors, so I became a set decorator and an interior designer, eventually opening Marks & Frantz with my favorite collaborator, Lisa Frantz!

Some of my favorite projects include Sex and the City 1 and 2, The Devil Wears Prada, Money Monster, The Today Show and Broken Flowers.  My work was recognized with a Daytime Emmy Award in 1996.

A New York-based multidisciplinary interior design firm